Moving into our new home

We have moved into our new apartment and it is huge! About twice the size of the Singapore one. The building is called Skyrex and is one of the tallest in Ulsan. We are on the 36th floor and have stunning views over the surrounding mountains. I loved living high up in Singapore, floor 61, so am really happy to have height again.

Forgive the picture quality, I took them on my iPhone (another new toy) as we don’t have a computer yet so can’t upload photos from the camera. That and I am never very good at taking photos.

Here it is – our home for the next two years.


This is Katrine’s room, Gregor’s bed is still being made and will be here in a week or so.


The lounge. And yes it really is as big as it looks, we have moved the sofa a bit closer to the tv.


The kitchen, yeah I have space to turn around in and look – work top!


My first time having a walk-in wardrobe. Bit short of drawer space but not complaining at all.


Our very swanky bathroom with spa bath and walk-in shower.


This is the view from Gregor’s room. We have great panoramas from all the rooms and will try and get better photos.



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