Slime toilet

We have been in our apartment a week now so I thought I would do a tour of our gadgets, gizmos and thing-a-me-bobs.

Starting with our main control panel in the lounge.


I have the screen showing the weather forecast but it can call the lifts, open the security doors (there are cameras so you can see who is at the door), set the temperature in each room, close the lounge curtains, call security and work as a phone.

The lower panel is the light switches for the lounge.

On to the kitchen, here is our oven, microwave and coffee machine.


Pretty standard dishwasher and hob, but the drawer next to it is a chopping board steraliser.


Below the sink is the heated food waste bucket, it dries out the food – I think to make it less smelly and needing emptied less often.

The button on the floor is a foot switch for the tap.

This is a fun one.

Any ideas? It is a sonic salad steraliser.

On to the fridges.
Fridge number 1

Fridges (and freezers) 2 and 3

Fridge number 4

Fridge number 5 (for makeup)


This is my wonderful, huge 15kg washing machine.

Not sure if you see all my sticky labels but I spent a fun morning with google translate working out what all the buttons did.

Now for televisions, we have three in the flat; a little one in the kitchen,


which is odd as the flat is all open plan, so you can easily the main one,

and there is a small one for watching in the bath.



Being in the bathroom brings me nicely to the title of this post, the slime toilet.



Lots of buttons and fun to be had.


And a control panel on the wall,


which can also be used to open the doors in case of inconveniently timed visitors.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sandy mcIntosh
    Aug 11, 2012 @ 17:20:21

    Fantastic, a sign of things to come do you think?


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