My first ever yoga class

The title pretty much gives it away – I went to my first ever yoga class today! It is being held in my building in the apartment of the teacher – Karen. Most of the ladies there were complete beginners so Karen started from scratch, very necessary.

Here she is, trying to get me into the correct position for the downward dog – my shoulder blades need to be further down my back so I form a straighter line. Some of the moves were the same though but there was a lot more focus on the breathing here.



I have done Pilates, before so I was interested to see what the differences were. The biggest seems to be the breathing, in Pilates you breathe in though the nose and out though the mouth, whilst in yoga both in and out are though the nose. I tried my best but kept forgetting.

The hour and a half passed very quickly – I have the attention span of a butterfly  so can get very easily distracted but the reminder to keep thinking about the breathing seemed to stop my mind wandering away too badly. There were 5 minutes where you lie down flat on your back, with palms facing upwards about 45 degrees from your body and concentrate on your breathing which I was worried would give me the fidgets, but it was calming and I found it relaxing (I don’t normally find still in a busy room not doing anything relaxing) I even managed to not chat though the entire thing!

I do feel pretty good this afternoon, my neck is a bit stiff but it often is (I carry tension there, I can feel it when I get stressed my neck gets shorter) and I am more aware of my legs than usual. I suspect that they might be stiff tomorrow but I hope not. Though that might not be because of the yoga, I did go for a run this morning as well (all thee runs in week 1 completed).

I have to admit I enjoyed the tea and chat at the end – an hour and a half not being able to gibber away is a long time so I needed some chat time.



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  1. Deborah
    Sep 07, 2012 @ 18:35:10

    I was interested to read this Esther because I’ve discovered there’s a yoga class at my gym that I could fit in while Alexander’s at nursery.


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