Bribery with pizza

I have always found it hard to convert people I am friendly with, into friends. How do you go from someone you say hi to dropping children off at the bus to someone you meet for coffee? Children help, they don’t have the same reserve and reticence but there is still a jump from chatting to someone in the bus to going for playdates.

But I have come up with a solution – pizza! I invited the mums with children the same age to join us at the climbing frame after school on Friday and I brought the pizza, the one thing I can cook consistently well.

The dough has risen nicely, my favorite part is knocking it back and squishing all the air out.


Here it is very to go into the oven.


Then the hard bit, leaving it in the oven long enough, when the house is full of wonderful smells.


Pizza face! Gregor does enjoy his pizza, he ate more than anyone.


Here are my two playing once the food had been devoured.


There were other kids here, but I don’t want to add their photos without asking first, how is the best way to ask if you can use photos for a blog?


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