Have SatNav – can explore

We have finally got out English SatNav, Richard brought it home from work on Friday.

So once the morning rain on Saturday had cleared we headed out, we picked the Black Pebble Beach at Gangdong and Jujeon seashore as out first out of Ulsan outing, mainly as the kids love beaches but also as it wasn’t too far out of Ulsan so if we didn’t get the SatNav to work, I could use my map skills to get us there and back.

Which was a good thing as we had forgotten that the car is parked in B4 (so basement four floors below ground) we didn’t get satellite signal to get it set up. Anyway, I had a map and it seemed pretty straight forward to off we went, heading north out of the city and quickly into the open countryside. The drive was fine, except the SatNAv had been set up with a very loud ping-ping-ping every time it wanted to tell you something, which was every speed limit change, speed bumps, school zones, steep corners and occasionally just to tell us to ‘please, drive carefully’. We were on the right stretch of coast line and saw some parked cars along the side of the road so decided to join them and stop as well.This is our car (a Hyundai Sante Fe, in case anyone is interested) I have called it ‘the beast’ as it is bigger than any car I have driven before but Richard assures me it isn’t that big, it just feels it with the  tiny Korean parking spaces.

This is the beach path we ended up on before we decided this really couldn’t be the right place – the beach is one of the twelve scenic sights of Ulsan and big part of their tourism information, not a path that just peters out. As there aren’t many photos of me on this blog (I tend to be in charge of the camera) I have one here.

Second attempt. This time we found a carpark, which was full so we were optimistic. It was a sort of picnic place in the woods.

We got a good view of the sea but no way to get to the beach.

The SatNav was fully working now, so we had a play with the menus and found there is an entry for beaches, with, it appears, all the beaches in Korea listed, I can see this being very useful! So third time lucky we found the beach!

I would say, more grey peddles than black but we really liked it. There are big outcrops of rock that provide great climbing,

and some where to sit.

Although we couldn’t build a sandcastle, rocks an made very good stone castles.

There were people fishing

and we even got to see some wildlife;

a very cute frog and some not so cute giant woodlice.

We even managed to set the SatNav up to get us home (I was pleased to note that it took us back the way we had come so I had gotten it correct). It was a really fun afternoon and opens up loads of possibilities of things to do on the weekends.


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