Costco has opened


The Ulsan Costco opened on 31st August, and yesterday I plucked up the courage to drive there. I had heard that it is very busy – the branch in Seoul is the busiest in the world with queues of serval hours just to get into the carpark! Fortunately, on a Tuesday morning around 11o’clock that is not the case here.  Driving there was pretty straight forward, though my SatNav took me a silly twisty-turny way and there was plenty of spaces in the carpark.

As Costco is so new they have set up temporary membership desks in the carpark.


I was a bit daunted by this as I expected a huge language barrier but the form had English as well as Korean on it and you know what you have to fill in anyway – so there is a space with six boxes grouped in pairs, this is obviously for your date of birth (written yy-mm-dd). After you filled your form in, you went to the cash desk to pay (again exactly what you would expect to do) and then sit down to have your photos taken for your membership card.



The whole thing must have taken less than fifteen minutes and then we were free to shop. The shop is very similar to Costco back home,obviously it is geared towards the Korean market so there were some fun finds and all the shops I have been to in the UK the electronics is on the  left (looking towards the back) and the non-fresh food is on the right, whilst in this shop, it was the other way round.

My freezer and cupboards are now full – I hope I remember to use it all. That is the big downside to a Costco shop, it is easy to go overboard.


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