At home with a not very ill child

Katrine was running a low grade fever last night, 37.8degrees just enough to make her feel rotten. She was up a couple of times in the night with a sore throat and fever – more ibuprofen and straight back to sleep. So, it was no surprise when she was still not feeling great this morning. She got up, bleary eyed, refused breakfast and curled up on the sofa and her temperature was still up. No school for her. Took Gregor down to the bus and came back up and emailed and phoned the school to let them know.

She stayed prone on the sofa until about ten thirty and then sat up and asked if she could have any food. That was it. Better. I wish I could recover from illnesses this quickly. I dragged her to the supermarket as a) I am out of milk and needed a cuppa and b) the typhoon has been upgrade to a super typhoon and although we aren’t in the direct path it is likely to be wet and I don’t want to have to go shopping then. She was all smiles and chatted to the guy looking after the pet section, and got to hold some mice and hamsters and weighed all the fruit and veg for me, and was given a banana by the sales assistant – it pays to be young and cute.

She is currently playing games on the computer, I have insisted that as it is a school day she has to do educational websites, but as she loves maths (and dislikes chocolate biscuits, strange child) this really isn’t a hardship.

And I am getting bored! I didn’t have any plans today apart from the supermarket so it would have been an ‘in’ day anyway and she was wonderful company when shopping so why am I bored now?


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  1. Sandra Howells
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 22:05:36

    Glad she is better now, how was the typhoon? Really different experiences.


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