Teddy bear cake during typhoon

Today we had our second typhoon, Sanba, hit Korea, this one was a lot closer than the first (the centre was still 200km away) and so much wetter and windier. The school had decided on Friday that they were going to be closed today and my husband heard yesterday that the shipyards were closing as well, so we all got the day at home.

We were advised not to go outside, which we didn’t need to be told, the weather wasn’t exactly right for going for a stroll. The rain started around 2 yesterday afternoon and only let up at 4pm today, with the peak, I’m guessing, around 2. At least that was when it was darkest with the rain lashing the windows. The wind was strong enough to rattle the windows (and set up a very loud brrrr noise in the master bedroom) and there was very gentle wind rock in the building. We can see the river from our apartment and it is definitely wider than it was before.

As the children were off school I thought this was an ideal opportunity to tidy the play room and sort out all the craft supplies; we brought more idea Trofast storage when we knew there was a playroom so we needed to fill the boxes. Then, Gregor’s teacher had had the foresight to provide so extra work to do so we settled down to do that. Katrine’s teacher hadn’t given her anything, but mean mummy that I am, I made her do some anyway.

But the highlight of the day was making the teddy bear cake, which I brought at the baking shop last week. Here is the box – with a picture of how it is meant to look like at the end.

The mould is held together by clips and has a stand to cook it upside down.

Here are my two little bakers.

I didn’t make them do it all by hand.

I was very nervous taking it out of it’s tin. First you had to remove one side, then ten minutes later remove the other side and put it back into the first side, but it came out fine and didn’t stick at all.

Richard bravely took on the job of piping the icing.

I think we need more practise at icing! Here is the finished article, not exactly like the box image but it tasted great.

There are instructions for a snowbear and one made of rice crispies so we should get lots of fun with this. A perfect activity for a typhoon induced inside day.


Edit – I took this pictures the following day when I went to the gym. On level 30 we have a communal space which is open on all sides, didn’t come off too well.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sandra Howells
    Sep 18, 2012 @ 01:32:46

    Love the Bear. Richard is soooo good at icing. Um Um can I have some.


  2. Heidi Vietz
    Sep 18, 2012 @ 01:53:16

    Est – you make me laugh you really do, you have the patience of a saint, in the middle of a typhoon you are baking a cake, you are the ultimate mum!!!


    • Esther Haydock
      Sep 18, 2012 @ 09:02:59

      Thanks Heidi. But by the afternoon we were really getting bored of looking out of the window at the rain. It was just a stuck inside day. You should start a blog with all your photos – I love seeing them.


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