Should I get a cat?

Title says it all really – should I get a cat/kitten?

Reasons for getting cat:

  • Richard is travelling loads and the evenings are long and lonely.
  • Even when he is home, the kids are at school from 7.30 til 4.30 (5.30 Mondays and Fridays) so I spend a lot of alone time.
  • I miss our pets from back home (Funny I didn’t in Singapore at all, but I do here.)

Reasons for not getting a cat:

  • We would have to find someone to look after it when we go away.
  • Finding a vet that we can understand (if we managed in Azerbaijan then I’m sure we can here).
  • Katrine has a hamster and there is aways a chance that the cat will eat him.
  • We already have 2 cats in the UK, being looked after by Richard’s sister (they were too old to travel this far, plus we were doing a double move that was just too complicated)
  • It costs a whole heap of money to take the cat back to the UK – no more quarantine though, which is good news.
  • There is chance that cats make me sneeze (but I am  the one sneezing and I want the cat).

From this the sensible thing is to not get a cat. But still…

So, should I get a cat?


5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. zara
    Sep 18, 2012 @ 10:01:32

    NO!!! Never underestimate the pervasiveness of cat litter on tiled floors. I’m sure you had a cat in England who went outside for that, so you may not have considered the sheer awfulness of finding small pieces of urine soaked litter on/in your bed, or standing on them as you walk (as bad as lego!) Get a dog.


    • Esther Haydock
      Sep 18, 2012 @ 12:41:26

      Our two were inside cats in Glasgow and Azerbaijan and outside the rest of the time. They weren’t too bad at spreading litter around, we found the wood pellets nicer than the gritty stuff. You have to walk dogs and take them out.


  2. Deborah
    Sep 18, 2012 @ 15:42:57

    I’ve never had a cat but I can see the appeal of the company. I’ve been really enjoying my Audible subscription in the weeks when Jonathan is away. Some of the narrators are excellent and you can listen while getting on with lots of other things. Jonathan tries to listen to the same books whilst travelling so we can discuss them when he’s back.


  3. Esther Haydock
    Sep 18, 2012 @ 15:59:02

    I’ve never used Audible, though a lot of the books we get on itunes are from them. We are working our way though the How to train you dragon series, it started for the kids but Richard and I are a couple of stories ahead of them now.


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