Happy Chuseok

This weekend is the major Korean festival of Chuseok, which is a mid autumn havest festival, where lots of Koreas go back to their hometowns to be with their family and pay respects to their ancestors. The Korean tourist information site gives much better information than I can, but basically it is a three day holiday involving family and food, dancing and games.

One of the main traditions is everyone buys and wears new clothing, usually Hanbok. Here is Katrine in her new outfit.

I know I am slightly biased but I think she looks beautiful. We had Sophia and Amelia round for brownies so they joined us in getting dressed up and celebrating.

Not the best of Katrine so I will add another, you can see Gregor’s outfit better as well.

Food plays an important part of the Chuseok celebration, and Katrine has been learning all about this at school so she set up our table, with some traditional Korean snacks and candles. They set it up in front of the window so the photo isn’t great but you can still see the effort she put into it.

We get three days off school for the holiday and then the school have tagged on two staff training days so we get the full week off. The weather is gorgeous at the moment, sunny but not too warm, so we are hoping to get out and about a bit next week.

Have a great Chuseok weekend –

추석 잘 보내세요!


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