Day 1 of school holidays done, only 4 more to go.

We have a week of school! Yeah! We have three days off due to the Chuseok holiday and then an extra two for teacher training. Normally, I am not down about having a week of school, but, this time, Richard is in the UK and we still haven’t fully found our feet.

Richard left very early on Sunday morning and will be gone a full fortnight, so one week with them off school, the weekend (not sure why this is different but it is) then a week with them at school before he gets home – hopefully with an armful of goodies that we can’t get here (like custard powder and dairy milk).

Yesterday’s activities: Katrine wrote a play called the ‘flying cupcakes’ which she then acted out with Gregor, with row upon row of stuff toys for audience. Then we made the real thing, well banana and chocolate chip muffins so close enough, which fortunately didn’t fly off out of the room, as the consequences of that seem to be that an old man turns up, proposing marriage. After muffin making I shoo them off to the playground on level 5 armed with an alarm clock, set for lunchtime so they knew when to return, we have tried watches in the past but they just forget to even look at them.

I also succumbed to pester power and let them try out the moshi membership for free, which I know will just mean when it runs out the pestering will return with even more force for full paid membership, but I will deal with that when I get there, for now it seemed a reasonable thing for them to ask for and did keep them busy and not squabbling.

Later on we went to see Brave at the cinema, we were very nervous when we first took our seats as we were the only non-Korean there, Katrine was getting a bit worried that we might have to watch the movie in Korean. The upside of it being an all Korean audience was that I persuaded her to wear her glasses, as she didn’t know anyone in the room. But then about half the kids from her school bus turned up, I was not popular then. To finish off the evening we went to McDonalds for tea.


Today we headed back to the Grand park, on our first outing we got well and truly muddled in the pine forest but this time I had been advised to head to the south gate as it is a lot closer to some great play equipment, we also took out scooters for faster getting around.

Here they are enjoying the sunshine,


We then found these giant inflatable bouncy dome things, for want of a better name we have called them the marshmallow jumpers.


Action shot and a nice view of the mountains in the background.


They then had to try out the scramble nets,


These were both really quiet when we first arrived, about 10, but were absolutely mobbed by the time we were heading home.

There is also a really fun cycle/scooter/roller blading course with road safety stuff, and bumps and bridges.



We then all had a go on the adult play, sorry, exercise equipment.


Gregor insisted on taking my photo as well.


And there is still a lot of the park we have yet to explore! We bumped into two separate families from out building, which isn’t really a surprise as the weather was perfect for the park; the heat from the summer is passing, there was a gentle breeze and the leaves on the trees are just starting to turn.


In the afternoon they raided the craft cupboards and declared they were going to make pipe cleaner bugs, I did point out that we don’t have any pipe cleaners but Katrine is too cleave for me and said they could use straws instead. I had to concede defeat and prepare the kitchen table to glue and mess.


The finished bugs.




So a very successful and busy start to the holiday week, which just leaves one question – what are we going to do for the rest of it?


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