Adventures with a rice cooker – pink rice.

As most of the rice you get here is the sticky glutinous rice it cooks much better in a rice cooker than using pan on the stove. All the directions on how to cook the rice tell you to put it in a rice cooker so we decided that ‘when in rome…’  and went shopping. The Korean brand Cuckoo was much lauded as the best so that is what we went for, now there is a huge choice of rice cooker going from small single person ones to massive ones serving 12 costing up to 500,000won (about £270) so after wandering around a few rice cooker displays I dragged Richard and the kids along and we picked a mid-range one.

Here it is:

Now obviously it doesn’t come with little sticky labels, I cobbled those together after googling the model number, as the instructions are all in Korea.

Initially I was a  bit sceptical about a rice cooker and was worried it would become another kitchen appliance that is rarely used, but I am now a full convert. It is brilliant. You just chuck the rice in, add the water to the right line and press cook. We have also tried the germinated brown rice, which is supposed to be easy to digest and better for you, but it takes at least two and a half hours and I keep forgetting to switch it on in time, so mostly we just have normal brown rice.

This week I was feeling brave so picked up some pink rice (yes I did say pink) and decided to give it a go.


I used about 20% pink to 80% normal white sticky rice. This is it before I added the water.


And about half way though, bubbling away nicely.


As you can see the pink is very vibrant.


With my chopsticks, Katrine’s learning chopsticks (though she can use the normal ones she prefers these) and Gregor’s fork.

The taste is slightly nuttier and with a fuller taste that normal, but to be honest I think if you ate it with your eyes closed you would be hard pressed to tell the difference between this and decent brown rice. Also, I think I used too much pink rice so will try again with slightly less next time.



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