Being cultured!

Yesterday I went to the morning concert, at the Ulsan Culture and Art Centre, with Birgit, Monica and Natalie.

The flower displays are really impressive, going all up the steps and on the plateau at the top. As you can see the weather is getting colder, trousers and long sleeve tops, but still sunglasses. I am beginning to think they might be a year round wear as it is always bright here, winter is very dry with clear skies.

The above picture shows the main hall, which is where I brought the tickets, but our concert was held in the small hall.

It isn’t the prettiest building outside but the inside space is really good, here is the front lobby before the concert.

Not a lot of men at this concert! But then it is held in the middle of the day.

You even got free cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit.

It is instant but the tickets are only 5000won, which is just under £3 so I think it is incredible that you get anything at all. The pastry things were kind of like a scotch pancake with a fig paste in the middle and surprisingly not that sweet.

Here is the inside of the concert hall, before the concert started.

The show started with four singers (all in evening dress) accompanied on the piano, sometimes as solos sometimes a duet and a few times all four together. They walked on and off stage at each piece and bowed to the audience, the woman in the blue dress always pressed her hand to her chest when she bowed, I couldn’t decide if this was a sign of respect or she was preventing her dress from gaping.

I can’t comment on the singing but I preferred it when they sang together, it seemed there was more emotion. Then a string quartet came on and played some pieces from Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, which I really enjoyed, probably as I know the music so it is familiar. I also found it amusing that the second violist just looked slightly miffed though out the whole performance. The singers came back on and sang accompanied by the strings and piano, mostly operatic songs but there was ‘My way’ and  ‘The time has come to say goodbye’, which was the only song sung with microphones, no idea why as the sound was great all the way though, so I have to think it was to get some effect.

The audience was really enthusiastic, with generous clapping at the end of each song and occasional calls of  ‘Bravo’ or whoops. At the end when the performers had left the stage rhythmic clapping started which must be the equivalent of calling encore, which was performed to the accompaniment of clapping in time.

When we left the concert we chatted to one of the managers who ask if we had enjoyed it and recommended some up coming events and didn’t recommend next month’s concert, as it was two guys singing traditional folk songs, but that has made me quite intrigued.

We also found out that Mamma Mia! will be here for two weeks from 23rd November, the speaking will be in Korea but the songs in English and as we all know the story we are going to give it a go and have a girls night out to see it.


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  1. Dad and Steph
    Oct 26, 2012 @ 16:38:28

    Gosh what a busy life you are leading x.


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