Being a wuss -finally went to the market

I have been living in Ulsan for three months now and have managed to get a lot done and try new things, but one thing I have been putting off is going to the market. I don’t really know why I have found this so intimidating as  I coped with the markets in Azerbaijan, where the vendors weren’t shy about approaching you, there was still a language barrier as little or no English was spoken. I think the main difference was, at least when I was in Azerbaijan, there wasn’t much of an alternative, you really needed to go to the market to buy fruit and veg.

Also, I always used to go to Chester marker with my mum, when I was growing up. In fact, I could probably still draw a map where all the stall we used to go to wereI loved the haberdashery, with rows of buttons on sale right at the front, right at child height eye-level. Out of curiosity I have just googled Chester Market and the haberdashery is still there, looking just how I remember .

To fully demonstrate how much of a wuss I was being the market is right out side my apartment, you can see it from the bedroom window.

It is a big, bustling place that is nearly always busy. Anyway, last Friday a friend was going so I took the opportunity to tag along and really I had absolutely nothing to worry about. All the produce was clearly marked with prices so no need to worry about haggling or that the price has been vastly inflated as soon as a foreign face is spotted. The market is divided up into difference halls. One for fresh fruit, with the displays almost works of art, with beautifully stacked fruit with contrasting colours,

and another for vegetables, there were stalls and stalls of mushrooms (I shudder at the thought as mushrooms are nearly my worst food ever – only topped my octopus and squid, I am so in wrong country!)

Across the road there is another building for spices and dried food.






And a completely separate building for fish and seafood, which I think is a very sensible idea, as it keeps all the wet parts of the market together (something that would have been nice in Singapore, especially as you are wearing flip flop all the time there.)

So, now I have taken my first steps and seen that the market is going to be very easy I will definitely be going back, though not to buy the live octopus, I think I will stick to the fruit and veg.


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  1. Sandra
    Nov 05, 2012 @ 10:25:41

    Hi Esther. Glad you finally made it! Markets are my favourite. The colours, the people, the interesting things for sale. Although I’ve also been putting off going to the two public markets here in Olongapo for some reason. Probably because I’m afraid I’ll buy too much!!!
    Did you know Chris works in Azerbaijan? I was there too, about 6 years ago and loved the markets.


    • Esther Haydock
      Nov 05, 2012 @ 10:35:45

      We must have been there about the same time! We left in April 2006, actually the 18th, the only reason I know is it was just before my son was born and it was my birthday. How is Chris finding the trek from Azerbaijan to the Philippines – are there easy connections?
      I can find markets a bit overwhelming, I seem to be a magnet for everyone selling any old bit of tat and then get crowded around. But there was nothing like that here at al, it was a very calm market experience.
      I am really enjoying reading about your adventures, it is something myself and my husband really want to do one day, we are working on getting the kids interested as well.


  2. Adrienne
    Dec 24, 2012 @ 06:18:20

    I am really enjoying reading about your experiences. Where in Ulsan is this market? Is it open daily? Did they sell dogs at this market? If they do is it avoidable?


    • Esther Haydock
      Dec 24, 2012 @ 16:29:46

      The market is on samsandong just up the road from the Lotte Hotel and department store. I didn’t see any meat there and no dog at all, there is a fish hall and two for fruit and veg. Esther.


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