Melbourne Cup – Charity lunch

Despite not being Australian, and having never heard of the Melbourne cup until a few weeks ago, yesterday I went to the Melbourne Cup lunch. I went for several reasons, firstly it is a very easy way to support a charity fundraiser – you buy a ticket, take along as much money as you want to part with during the event and simple, done; secondly it seemed like a good excuse to get dressed up and go out and thirdly I have helped organise events like this in the past and they only work if people actually come along.

So, yesterday morning, despite the chilly weather, I put on a summery dress, attached one of Katrine’s hairclips, in lieu of a hat, and my purple boots. A little while ago I wrote about the trouble I was having with my toes, and I am pleased to say that three weeks after hurting them I can finally wear shoes again. I was a bit worried about the boots though! But, I was determined to give them an outing so strapped my toes up well and wore thick socks. I am bit disappointed, I seemed to smile and pose for the camera loads during the day but the only shot I have on my camera I am still wearing my coat and you can’t see the aforementioned boots at all!

I didn’t remember to take many photos at the event and those I did take haven’t turned out that well. There were a lot of windows and it was a very clear and bright day, I really do need to improve my photography skills but there is always so many other things to do.

And they’re off!

With a view of all the hats, I was expecting it to be hard to find a hat here but apparently there is a shop in old downtown that sells them at very reasonable prices. There was still a fun collection of home-made hats and fittingly one of them was the winner of Best Hat. Here is Heidi with her creation.

And Skyrex ladies are obviously a very stylish bunch as the Best Dressed prize was also from our building, here is Monica receiving her prize (a lot of which were very kindly donated by Hyundai Department Store, the only two men at the event were managers from the store).

We were then entertained by a cocktail show,

which was made a lot more amusing by the fact he kept dropping the bottles.

Then it was time to get the bus home (thank you for the organisers for thinking of this) with very sore toes. I was extremely glad to get my boots off and put my feet up with a cuppa.


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sandra Howells
    Nov 08, 2012 @ 01:54:37

    Good day out it looks like fun. GLad the toes held out, hope they feel relaxed again soon


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