Argghhh – I’ve run out of marmite

Or the alternative title – Why can’t chocolate taste a good as chocolate from home!

I don’t eat that much marmite, but I do occasionally, it is the ultimate comfort food for me, when I am feeling a bit down or homesick. And yesterday I ran out! Which obviously means that this is what I want for lunch today. Now I am lucky (?) in that my husband is travelling to the UK a lot, in fact he is heading there today, so I don’t have too long to wait, but it has got me thinking – what home comforts do I miss the most?

Chocolate is high up the list. Personal favourite is Cadbury’s dairy milk, now in Singapore you could get this, but it was the Austrialian version, and sorry Aussies, it just didn’t cut the mustard, it is definitely different – it is slightly grainier with a different aftertaste. It is will do in a pinch but just always leaves me missing the familiar taste of home. But even that is not available here! And I am not even going to discuss Hersheys. My daughter has been reading about chocolate and the first ever chocolate bar was by Fry’s, now this has set up a hankering for a Peppermint cream, so my long suffering husband has added it to the list (only ten days will I get my hands on one.)


Television! We have a VPN set up so we can watch BBC iplayer and Channel4OD but it just isn’t the same as just crashing out on the sofa and clicking though the channels, to find some rubbish to watch, it is very easy to miss a program just because we didn’t even know it was on to download it.

Clothes shops where I am not an XL. I don’t have an asian physique and you have to develop a think skin when going clothes shopping (and cut out the offending labels), it was not uncommon in Singapore to be told, straight away on entering the shop, ‘Sorry, we don’t do clothes that large.’ However, I do like American sizes, as I am instantly smaller.

A good gin and tonic. I could get hubby bring back gin (but as he always travels with carry on luggage only it would be hard) – personal favourite is Blackwoods – but getting the tonic here is tricky, occasionally swcheppes is available (which I don’t like back home as it has artificial sweetener but the asian one doesn’t, yeah) but you can’t find limes, so lemon will have to do, which just isn’t the same.

So, what home comforts do (or would) you miss the most?


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