It’s party time

Yesterday was my husband’s work christmas party and despite him not being here (he was in London, coming back this afternoon!) I decided to go. It was only at 5, when I was waiting for the school bus, that I realised I had no idea what to wear – the invite says smart, but I have no idea what that means. So several frantic texts later, I took to Facebook to ask advice. It came down to these two dresses:

IMG_0792 IMG_0787









My daughter took the photos, not bad for an eight year old using the phone.

I chose the black one and once the baby sitter arrived and I headed of in to the cold, a few weeks ago we went to the black pebble beach with just jumpers on, the temperature has since plummeted and it was below zero last night, my toes got very cold. Too late I remembered that the shoes were open-toe and my big toes really aren’t pretty.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a long walk, just across the road to the Lotte Hotel.

IMG_0794In true BP style, the party started with the evacuation notices.

IMG_0797The centre pieces on the tables were tinsel christmas trees, all hand-made by Margaret (who has offered to do  master class next December – I will hold her to that), at the end of the evening there were all snaffled up and taken home.



The singers didn’t look too great, but they soon got people up and dancing – with a wonderful solo dance of Gangnam Style (no one else wanted to join in!).

IMG_0803Father Christmas turned up to hand out the raffle prizes (including an eye pad mini – as one of my friends put it).

IMG_0807 IMG_0809









It was a very fun evening, even though it is a bit odd to go to a company Christmas do without the person who actually works at that company!




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