More Christmas craft – I blame Blue Peter

One of the programmes from the UK we watch every week is Blue Peter and last’s weeks episode included instructions to make a Christmas stocking for your pet. There are loads of craft/stationary shops (with more crafty stuff than you can wish for and sheets and sheets of felt) here and we have a good one just round the corner so it was easy to get all the supplies we needed.


Firstly, we made a template and then cut out the felt. I decided it would be easier to do the sewing by myself, and I am glad I did, the felt is very tough and going though both pieces was hard work, in fact my wool needle got stuck and I ended up using pliers to pull it though. It also took a lot longer than I expected, about 1 hour per stocking! It was surprisingly pleasant though, I put cheesy Christmas music on and it even started snowing to add to the mood (plus it took so long that I didn’t have time to do the ironing – bonus!).

So in true Blue Peter style, here’s some I made earlier.


The next day Katrine and Gregor got stuck in decorating their stockings:












All finished, with clothes pegs to help the tinsel stick.


Electra’s has been filled and we are going to take Pippin’s back with us and fill it when we get to the UK.

IMG_0816It is sad we can’t be with Electra this Christmas, at least she will have her stocking.



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