All packed

I believe there are two types of packers: the first gradually fills up the suitcase over the period of a few weeks and is normally packed well in advance; then there is the pack the day before you leave approach. I am definitely in the later camp and so today has been spent packing. And there are several hours before we go to bed (very early start tomorrow) so it isn’t even leaving it to the last minute. Well, Gregor’s favourite pair of socks are currently in the washing machine and fingers crossed will be dry for him to wear tomorrow.

The cat was dropped of this morning to her home for the holidays and the hamster is being looked after by a tame teenager. It was a bit of a squeeze getting everything into our suitcases as we want to travel light, but I managed it. I even included my walking boots, last time I wore them I ended up badly hurting my toenails and my only trip to a Korean Doctor; but I am trying them again for three reasons:

  1. I will wear the correct socks this time.
  2. I don’t intend to do much walking downhill (or up for that matter)
  3. I don’t have toenails on my big toes now, so they can’t get bruised.


We need a new medium suitcase and will buy it when we are home and then fill it will goodies for our return. The black and green backpacks are Katrine’s and Gregor’s carseats from Trunki which double as their in-flight bags, these have proved to be incredibly useful for taxis and hire cars.

I went into organisation overdrive today and have made a folder with all the train, plane and ferry tickets; hotel bookings and directions and maps.


The clothes have been laid out for tomorrow and even the shoes are ready and waiting.



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  1. Gill Cowlam
    Dec 14, 2012 @ 00:10:39

    Hmmmm … i wonder what my packing says about me? Packing to go home or a business trip often starts about 9.00 or 10.00pm of the night before I fly but packing to come back to Baku starts as soon as I’ve unpacked on arrival!!

    Have a wonderful holiday you four !!


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