2013 has started.

Happy New Year!

I know that the first of January is just a day, same as any other, but it does feel like a reasonable time to make some plans and set some goals. We aren’t moving country this year (well, that is the current plan) so we can enjoy staying put.

Some personal goals first:

I intend to run a 5k race. I have been trying to start running for a while and either have been ill, moving or I’ve injured my toes. So fingers crossed this is the year.

I am going to finish my novel. I am more than half way though the second draft so I am going to get that finished, print it, attach with a red pen and then complete the third draft. I did the November challenge with Cafe Aphra and this has made me realise the importance of setting a monthly goal, so I will continue with that.

I am going to do at least one alternative piece of writing a month, like the article I got published in Bucketlist Publications.

Now, onto the places I want to go to this year, one huge advantage of living overseas is the opportunity it gives to travel and explore new places.

Firstly, I want to tick off more of the twelve scenic sights of Ulsan and explore the surrounding area; we have our camping gear with us and hope to head out when the weather warms up.

Going a little bit further a field, I want to head down to Jeju island, off the south coast of Korea and known as the honeymoon destination.

Hong Kong is also on the list for this year, probably during spring break. The kids have already found out there is a Disneyland there so we will have to include that.

We are planning our summer holiday as well, Hawaii is top if the list. Katrine really wants to learn to surf and I think I could be persuaded to give it a go.

I am fully intending to enjoy 2013 starting with today, we took the kids for another wet and windy walk, this time in the woods behind Brodick castle, Isle of Arran.


Happy 2013.


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  1. Nigel & Tessa
    Jan 02, 2013 @ 02:01:57

    All the very best for 2013!


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