Back in Ulsan

After another long long day travelling we have made it back to Ulsan. Door to door it took 23 hours, slightly less than going as the flight is an hour shorter – got to love tail winds. We stayed in a hotel about an hour away from Heathrow, so had a short drive in the morning but nothing too bad. My two are getting very seasoned at travelling and just go with the flow now, here they are straight into flight mode;


The flight back to Seoul is only 11 hours and we left at 1pm UK time and arrived in Seoul at 9am, Korea time. So, in theory it is an overnight flight and they should sleep. Except that their bodyclock is saying that it is the afternoon and not time to sleep at all. They did finally manage to get some sleep but only around 2 hours, when everyone else was being served breakfast. The cabin crew were brilliant, they were really nice to the kids and as they missed breakfast one of the cabin staff made up a goodie bag for them to take with us on the next part of the journey.

Getting from Seoul to Ulsan isn’t straight forward, there are three main options:

  1. you book connecting flights and fly from Seoul Incheon airport to Busan (though you still have to collect your luggage and go though customs and immigration and then reenter the airport, so it is not hassle free)
  2. you hop on a bus to the internal airport Gimpo (takes about 40 minutes) and get a flight to Ulsan
  3. you take the train

With option 1 you have to book this at the same time you book the international flights and as we had a combination of Richard’s work tickets and air miles this didn’t work for us, we have tried option 2 before and it is OK but not great so we thought we would try the train.

The airport express takes 45 minutes to Seoul Station (is it just me or does this should like it should be a song?) and they run every half hour, then the KTX is every fifteen minutes and takes just over 2hours. The really good thing is you can just get the tickets from the station at the airport so there is no worry about making connections (the Korail staff I have spoken to all have good English).

Moving all the bags and two children around was the trickiest part (tip – get onto the KTX early as all the luggage space gets taken up quickly)


but we managed.

I had hoped that as they slept so little on the plane they would be fine going to bed the first night. Oh well, not everything can go smoothly. First one then the other was awake and couldn’t get to sleep. Katrine in particular had a really rough night and, despite being very tired, she just couldn’t get to sleep. I did get her up and dressed ready for school but she didn’t make it to the bus:





3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sandy.
    Jan 09, 2013 @ 19:07:28

    Well done, you’re a star!


  2. Sandra Howells
    Jan 11, 2013 @ 04:28:54

    Oh! such a long journey and I’m not surprised Katrine gave in to jet lag, it is soo hard! Best marks to everyone that the journey went so well, and glad you are all safe back.


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