Back to week 1 of running

Right, I am going to make another attempt at the NHS couch to 5K – I have been trying to get this completed for over a year now with very bad luck. But I am going to put 2012’s health problems (mycroplasma pneumonia, glandular fever and loosing my big toenails!) and this time I am going to be successful.

I have started right back at the beginning again (I listed all the runs awhile ago). I got to week 5 before I hurt my toes and I was tempted to try starting further though the programme, but I went with week 1 for several reasons: I didn’t want to start at too high a week and fail, I haven’t done any exercise over Christmas, I like week 1 (intervals suit me better) but the biggest reason is that when the runs gets hard I want to confidence that I have done all the necessary preparation.

Running has always been my nemesis, at school I would happily play netball or hockey, where short burst of running where required, but I detested longer runs and, like many others, cross country was a dreaded activity. So, why am I trying to run now? Partially, it is because I have started and haven’t managed  to complete it so I want to get there. Also, I want to be able to keep up with the kids, I would love to do a 5k with my daughter at some point. It is available anywhere, there are exercise classes here (I go to yoga) but they are mostly at the foreigners compound which is about half an hour’s drive away, and it is an effective way of increasing my fitness. There is also an element of shame – I really should be able to run more than I can.

The first run of week 1 is completed, I have to say it is getting easier to do, so fingers crossed some of the running is paying off, only eight and a half weeks to go.


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