The doodah shop

There are stationary shops throughout Ulsan, some little tucked away ones and other’s a lot bigger. Well call them the doodah (autocorrect wants to change this to doodad, but that is something completely different) shops as they don’t really just sell stationary, they sell pretty much everything; toys, pet food, decorations and stationary. We are lucky as the largest one in Ulsan in just round the corner from Skyrex and is called Guam or it’s second name is “the stationary shop next to KFC” as very few people actually use it’s name.



For some reason, unknown to me, all stationary shops have socks for sale outside, it’s one of the ways to recognise them.





Guam is absolute treasure trove of goodies; floor 1 has some touristy stuff, sweets and bizarrely bathroom scales; floor 2 has toys – lots of Lego and Sylvanian families (Katrine’s heaven) plus beads for making your own jewellery; upto floor 3 for the main stationery level, where there are more pens than I ever saw before in one place; and floor 4 has arts and craft materials and model making supplies (Richard’s heaven), plus loads and loads of handmade korean paper. There are even a couple of model boats, to give you inspiration.


I’m guessing that covering or making your own notes books is popular here as there is a large section with supplies just for that. There is lots of sticky-backed fabric, which we think is perfect for Katrine’s Sylvanian apartment complex as wallpaper and carpet. I need to measure up all the rooms and then bring her along so she can choose for herself.



I spent a very enjoyable hour browsing around gathering stationary to make up some birthday presents, hope they are as much fun to use as I had picking them.


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