Things to do on a cold January Saturday – make soap and new friends!

The winter weather in Ulsan is cold but mostly dry, but with a vicious wind, so it is much nicer to plan inside things to do rather than getting out and exploring; which doesn’t make for the most exciting blog posts though!

The dry weather has brought it’s own problems – very dry skin. I was discussing this on the Ulsan Online Facebook page, which is a forum for expats to ask questions (recently, I have even been able to answer some of the questions which was rather thrilling, as means I am no longer the new kid in the playground) and the best suggestion for treating dry skin, especially for delicate children’s skin, was to make your own body butter. Now, I don’t know how to do this or where to source ingredients, but one of the lady’s on the site invited a group of us to her house, where she gave us a lesson in making a whipped shea butter and coconut oil body butter and how to make our own soaps.

Stacey showing us all her all her goodies.IMG_1053Choosing which essential oil to use – we picked lavender and camomile to be soothing.

Using silicone cake moulds for the soap - making very cute teddy bears.

Using silicone cake moulds for the soap – making very cute teddy bears.


Stacey also, very kindly, is placing an order for me (as she can read Korea – I am in awe) so I should be able to make my own very soon (the website is Nuriplus). It was a very enjoyable way to spend an afternoon.


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