Oriental foot massage

Today I went with a friend to The Foot Shop, which is above Abercrombie & Fitch shop in Samsandong.

(A small aside here, there is no point in giving the street name as no-body uses them. Not even our address has the street name on it, just the building number and that we are in the Samsan neighbourhood (Dong). Now as buildings are given their number as they are built, building 1002 might be no where near building 1001, which makes finding things so much more fun. And explains why directions are always given by landmarks.)

IMG_1143Right, back to the point. My friend, Birgit, had heard about this place so we set of to find it. It is the door to the left of Abercrombie & Fitch and on floor 7. Which you can easily tell from the elevator chart! This is very typical of inside the shop buildings, unless you know where you are going – or can read hangul very well – then it is a complete mystery.

Once we were on the right floor, the shop we wanted was very easy to find.



The menu was also in English so we could see what we were choosing, we went with the 60 minutes foot massage with leg massage and stretching.

And we discovered a beautiful hidden gem, that you would never have expected from the outside.

IMG_1145First we had to remove our shoes and place them in lockers near the front door and wear the slippers provided. Then we went into the changing room and used the same key for the clothes locker.

IMG_1147These are the pyjama style clothes that you wear during your treatments, as we were have our feet done we just need to wear the shorts.

Now for the not very flattering picture of me wearing said orange shorts, I am not as worried as I look!










The room was very tastefully decorated with quiet music and a very delicate fragrance, enough that you could detect it but not over powering or forcing itself upon you.




After we had drunk our tea and let our feet soak for a while we moved though to the back, where the treatment rooms are, it is a lot bigger than it first looks.


We sat in these big comfy reclined chairs whilst they massage and manipulated our feet. They also massaged the leg – all the way up. Then for the stretching part, this was the shoulders and neck and wasn’t gentle, though I have to say I don’t feel stiff now, which I can do after too strenuous a massage.

When I go again I will probably go for the 45 minutes just feet part, as that was incredibly relaxing and my feet feel great now. Anyone fancy joining me?


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Sandra Howells
    Feb 05, 2013 @ 18:01:20

    Yep! It sounds a real find. I shall be thinking of you enviously .


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