Loofah soap

Today we made our own soap for the first time, we decided (well I decided, the kids just got to go along with it) to make the soap with loofah running though it, so that it is exfoliating. This is a lot easier than it sounds.

I used 500g of melt-and-pour base, orange and peppermint essential oils, a dash of glycerine and some camomile tea. The hope is that it will be refreshing and invigorating to the skin but still kind and gentle. Oh, and a clean Pringles Tube for the mould.

IMG_1156We then melted the soap base, using a double boiler method. You can use direct heat or the microwave but I like the controllability of this, that and the kids can help out easily too.

IMG_1157Once the soap had fully melted I added the other ingredients. The loofah was then placed into Pringles tube, I only used half of it as I don’t need that much soap! Plus we made two small stars of soap, one each for Katrine and Gregor.IMG_1159 IMG_1160

NowI should have sprayed the top with surgical spirits (rubbing alcohol) but I don’t have any, so the bubbles will just have to stay there!

The soap was then placed outside to harden. Here are the kids finished star soaps.

IMG_1161 IMG_1162

I was a bit worried about removing the soap from the tube but it turned out to be really easy, you simply unpeel the cardboard tube.


And then slice it into discs, ta-da my finished soaps.

IMG_1165 IMG_1166


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