The largest shop in the world

This weekend we got to go to Shinsegae in Busan, which is the largest shop in the world. I am not much of a shopper, shopping is something that has to be endured if I, or the kids, need something, which is why we haven’t made it down to here before. But Gregor had a birthday party in a soft play there so we had three hours to while away.

That is after we navigated the largest carpark I have ever been in! There were about 4000 spaces on each level and it went all the way down to B5. There were flags, either red or green, that indicated if there were any spaces down the aisles and each space had a light about it so you could find spaces. There was also a small army or car attendants ushering everyone around, very smartly dress with bowler hats on. This is not the time to forget where you parked your car!


Our first place was the food court,which was incredibly busy and very confusing! There were these signs up, telling us to order at the counter and collect a buzzer and only then go to the food stalls to collect the food. So we queued up only to be told that the food we wanted (I have to confess – Burger King) you had to pay directly. There wasn’t really a queue here, more just mingling so I was very pleased when we finally got to eat.


We choose a table over looking the ice-rink, which provided entertainment, especially when the ice cleaning machine came out.



It is quite hard to get the scale of this shop in photos – it is bigger than most shopping centres I have been in, but here are my best attempts.












We didn’t explore much of the shop (well, we only had three hours!) but we find the book shop, which has a reasonable English language section.

We did find the china section, which, very satisfyingly, was exactly the same as it is back home



It was really fun to be able to say we have been here, but I can’t see us coming here very often. Though I have heard that Spaland is really something to be experienced so I might be back.


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