Online shopping.

I have a poorly child at home today, so while he watches Disney Junior (there is only so much of that I can take) I have been indulging in some online window shopping. But I thought I would take a break from ogling cameras and books and write about my favourite sites that deliver to Korea.


First has to be Book Depository, which, not surprisingly is a book shop. I do have a Kobo and download most of my books, but there are certain ones – like cookery, travel and children’s books – that just work so much better on paper. The price of worldwide delivery is included in the book price (I hate it when they say free shipping – it isn’t free, it is just already calculated in), and they have pretty much everything I can think of. The only downside is the books takes ages to actually turn up, every order I have placed is at least two weeks, normally just as I start thinking it will never arrive. They also have fun 24hour sales, the next one starts in a few hours.


For food I have recently found iHerb, which is am American health food shop, but also sells the stuff I need for making soaps. Now, this site is all geared up for delivery to Korea and have a flat $4 fee, they also get the stuff here fast, I got my weetabix in only 3 days. I have a voucher code to share – TZN454- which gives $5 (or $10 if you spend over $40) off your first order.

I have also used Gavin’s sausages, not the best in the world, but do the job (see my blog post here, for pictures).

There are a few other food shops, Indian Shop Korea and Fatbag, which I haven’t used yet but have some interesting things in them, especially fatbag, they have frozen peas!


A lot of the clothes `shops round here have Asian sizes (not so good for westerners) so I have brought some stuff online. So far I have only used Boden, which arrived promptly. Unfortunately, I had spent too much and I had to pay custom duty on it, this is 25% but as UK VAT would have been 20%, I didn’t think it was too bad of a deal. More of an issue on children’s clothes, as they are VAT except but I will keep below the limit next time! (I think the limit is KRW150,000, approximately £80). This is a good guide to getting your stuff once it has got caught up in customs.

I also looked at Marks and Spencers, good for basics, but you can only get delivery to Korea, in person in a shop, so in theory I could ask my mum to pop in and order it. But in which case, it would be easier (and cheaper) to order in online and sent to her house, and get her to post it on. Which defeats the purpose of easy online shopping.


I am going to get back to my window shopping now.


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  1. Sandra
    Feb 21, 2013 @ 20:11:34

    You are much braver than I. I haven’t dared to try to have something sent by mail to the Philippines. So far, we’ve been lucky and had enough visitors plus Chris’ trips to Azerbaijan. I just send along my shopping lists well in advance or order things online and ship directly to our guests before they fly here. 🙂


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