Hyundai motor tour

As well as having the world’s largest shipyard Ulsan also has the world’s largest car factory – not surprisingly operated by Hyundai Motors. Yesterday I took the kids on the tour around this huge complex.

IMG_1462First we had a brief presentation (extended advert) about the Hyundai car group, in particular the Ulsan plant. Some interesting(ish) numbers for you:

  • They export over 1.1 million cars, vans and trucks a year.
  • The capacity of the plant is 2 million units a year.
  • There are 35,000 members of staff.
  • With 25 restaurants.
  • The ground-keeping bill alone tops $2million a year (they grounds are very impressive – lots of trees and planned walks, a football pitch, I even saw some peacocks)
  • They send out 3-4 massive container ships a day, each holding over 7,000 cars.

This really is car manufacture on a grand scale.

After our presentation we got to wander around on the buildings, where is i30 was undergoing the final assembly. We walked along an elevator walkway with signs showing what was happening at each point. You aren’t allowed to take any photos inside the buildings, but I got some near the shipping port.



At the end we were given a memento to take home with us:



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