Baby shower at the Park Hyatt, Busan

Yesterday I was invited to celebrate a friend’s upcoming baby girl with a baby shower in the Park Hyatt in Busan.

First challenge – getting there! I don’t know Busan very well, I can only reliably get to three places (and even then I do still often get lost!) and this was a completely new part of town for me. But I have a sat nav so got into my car full of confidence. Misplaced confidence as it turns out. The sat nav didn’t have the address in it, nor was the Hyatt under the hotels in Busan (as it is less than a year old, I later found out). But I knew the rough area and programmed the sat nav to there and hoped I would find it.

Now I have gotten used to small city Ulsan, where a major hotel is pretty easy to spot once you get close enough, But Busan is a lot bigger and the Park Hyatt in right in the middle of Marine City and all the 70+story skyscrapers. So after a fair bit of driving in circles I hatched a cunning plan. I parked in homeplus and got a taxi. I knew I was close by but didn’t know which direction to walk in.

But unfortunately my taxi driver had even less clue to where the Hyatt was than I did and started driving in what was obviously the wrong direction. So with much hand gestures, exclaiming over the address and one phone call to the hotel we headed in the right direction. We still had to stop and ask directions but eventually we got there. Needless to say I was the last to arrive!

The baby shower was held on floor 31, the Living room, which had stunning views over the harbour and the Gwangan Bridge, which is a double decker bridge. (Note to self: we must come back and actually drive over.)

IMG_1620 IMG_1621 IMG_1624You could also see all the boats in the marina.

IMG_1619 IMG_1628

The baby shower was a high-tea style lunch, and the food was exquisite.

IMG_1625 IMG_1627

The grapefruit in the crepe suzette add the perfect hint of tang. But the standout for me was the egg custard tart, small but perfectly formed with an apricot jam between the pasty and the custard, just a mouthful of heaven.


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