Ulsan Whale festival and dragon boat racing


Yesterday we had a family outing to see the Ulsan Whale festival and also some dragon boat racing.  The boat races started at 9.30 and we made it down in time for the first one.











After watching a couple of the races we headed over the whale festival itself, which was big and busy with loads for the kids to do, all of which was totally free. We first signed them up for a turn on some boats.



First they had to get kitted out with lifejackets and then had a training session before a brief warm up – warming up ankles, wrists and shoulders – which was a bit daft as we then had a very long wait in the queue. Which was a lot longer than it should have been as the queue was a shambles and we eventually had to get the kids to use sad faces to get onto the water.

But they had a lot of fun once they were on a boat.

IMG_0496 IMG_0499


Lunch was pretty amusing, there was a large food tent with stalls all round the edges. We were very keen to NOT eat any whale, but it wasn’t always that easy to identify what the food was. One of the guys we were with ordered a bowl of meat in a red sauce, which he assumed was chicken. Took a mouthful and decided that is wasn’t chicken – maybe squid? On closer inspection it did indeed turn out to be chicken – chicken feet! Needless to say, that dish was not finished.

There was a huge amount for the kids, and us, to see and do.

It was very entertaining to get all the clay models and two  brightly coloured dolphins home, whilst we were riding our bikes! I’ve managed to resist this long, but can’t hold it in any longer – we had a whale of a time!


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  1. Sandra Howells
    Apr 28, 2013 @ 16:57:07

    so cool!


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