Shoe shopping and curry

Tow happy discoveries this week. I have found a shoe shop in Busan that sells Keen’s sandals, which I needed for the kids to wear to school as they have a no open-toed shoe policy.

IMG_1708 IMG_1707

Unfortunately I didn’t have the kids with me so had to guess their sizes and styles that they would like. Got it wrong! Katrine really didn’t like hers – way too pink, she much preferred the blue ones! Plus they were too big. Gregor did like his but also too big. Solution, Katrine now has the blue and orange ones and we will keep the pink ones for next year (maybe she will like pink then?!?) and I will keep looking for Gregor as I am not going to be back in that park of Busan for a while.

Whilst I was there it seemed a shame not to pick up a pair for myself as well!


The second happy discovery is that Namaskar, our local Indian restaurant does deliveries. So one phone call and about twenty minutes later there is the food. Whoop.

IMG_1711 IMG_1712



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