Party in the park

Birthday time in the Haydock household, Gregor turned 7 this weekend. We had an early start – 6:30 – he had been instructed that he wasn’t to get up before this and he came though bang on, so he must have been awake and clock watching beforehand. We made him wait to open his presents until his sister woke up – which was torture. Fortunately she woke just after 7.IMG_0836 IMG_0838

After all the family presents were unwrapped we had a lazy breakfast before  frantic sandwich making and all the last minute preparation for the party. We even had proper UK jelly, that Richard brought back from his last trip.


The plan had been to have a small party with just Gregor’s close friends and people from the building whom he played with often. But I hadn’t counted on how diverse and many friends Gregor has made in the last ten months! So including my two – there were 20 children; 10 girls, 10 boys with an age range from 5 to 16. So not really the small party I first planned.

We held the party at the Grand Park, as there is great areas to play and covered seat to use as a base and for the party lunch. We only just got there in time, another ten minutes and all the seats would have been gone! The square set of seats are very popular, in fact ours was nabbed as soon as we started packing up.

We were very lucky with the weather, the day before had been hot, hot, hot, with clear skies (the ice-cream cake would not have made it!). The day later the rain came. So we had reasonable temperature (about 26c) with some cloud cover but it stayed dry – I have never been happy to have an outside party on a cloudy day before!

A big thank you to everyone who came to Gregor’s party and gave him have such a special day. And thank you for all the gifts as well, thank you cards are being written.


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