First chance to be a “soccer mom”

IMG_0920Football mum just doesn’t have quite the same ring! Katrine and Gregor attend the Rising Stars Football Academy on  a Saturday afternoon and this week there was a big football tournament – the Ulsan Junior Cup, which had teams from Daegu International School, Hyundai Foreign School, Busan Foreign School and Okpo International School. Gregor was in the 8s and under while Katrine got pulled up to the 10s and under.

Here they are with their two teams:

IMG_0997 IMG_0971



It was their first time playing together as a team, as there are different practise times during the week. But they got better and better as they got more used to playing together. Katrine preferred being up front as striker while Gregor loves being in defence.

As an unexpected but very, very cool surprise the Ulsan Hyundai FC – the Hyundai Tigers – turned up! For those not familiar with the team, it would be the equivalent of Manchester United turning up unannounced. They are the current winners of the Asian Football Confederate Champions League. Obviously we got photos!


IMG_0952The players also signed some balls for all the teams to take home.







Some action photos from the day, check out the height on Gregor’s jump when celebrating a saved goal.

IMG_0969 IMG_0930 IMG_1005 IMG_0954











Chill out time between matches, climbing over the rocks and playing top trumps.

IMG_0986 IMG_0992

There were 8 teams in the 10s and under category so they were spilt int to two groups. The top two teams from each group went on to compete for the cup, whilst those coming 3rd and 4th competed for the Ulsan plate. Katrine’s team was in this second tier and after winning a nail biting match on penalties, made it to the final. Which they won 1-0 after a last minute goal, they really did pull it together as a team for the final matches.

There were 6 teams under 8s – 3 of which were from Rising Stars! They did incredibly well getting all the way to the finals. They then played Daegu International School for the second time, and again at full time the score was 0-0. On to penalties, after 5 shots, with the score still tied at 1-1, it went onto sudden death. After a further 8 shots with no goals it was decided to pull the spot a bit closer. Finally a goal! Daegu International School scored the winning penalty.  After the trophies were handed out the coaches got to award two prizes for their team – Most Valued Player and Best Defender. The MVP went to Doyle, the goal keeper – he saved 13 penalties in the final alone! And Gregor got the Best Defender mug.

We had a brilliant day, first of many football tournaments, I guess.


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  1. Sandra Howells
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 00:36:28

    sounds so exciting, well done everyone!


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