Checked out the new cinema

As well as lots of useful new shops (with Western sizes!) and interesting places to eat UP Square also has a large CGV cinema, with both a 4Dx screen and an 3D IMAX screen.

So, in the interests of research I thought I had better go and experience both. The cinema ticket booth is on the 5th floor, but the screens are on floor 6,7 and 8. The ticket booth is a bit confusing as you have to take a numbered ticket from the wee machine hidden behind a pillar and then just hang around till your number comes up. Then you go up to level 7 and back down to level 6 (unless there is a sneaky way that I have missed to go direct!) or up to level 8 – where the IMAX and 4dX screens are.

UnknownWe took Katrine and Gregor to see The Croods, which is a pre-historic computer animated tall tale, with lots of visual humour and a bit of plot. (Usually children’s movies are dubbed into Korean but with the help of Google translate you can find some subtitle showings). However, the star of the show was the 4Dx screen, just looked it up on Wikipedia and 4dX was designed by CGV, the Korean cinema company, there is more information on the Wikipedia page, but basically the seats move and there is wind and vapour at the appropriate places (other companies do similar with different names). Taking the kids to the cinema is always better than watching a film at home but only by a bit. 3d improves this margin whilst 4Dx really makes it a standout occasion. Both of mine absolutely loved it and were grinning the whole way though.

Unknown-1So now I want to try out the 3D IMAX screen, and what better than a big action blockbuster. So I have just been to see Star Trek Into Darkness. A first for me: I went to the cinema on my own! I have always seen going to the cinema as a social occasion not a solo outing, but thinking about it once the film starts does it really matter if you are on you own or in a crowd. I went to the 8.50am showing (discounted tickets for the early shows) and the cinema was about half full. The 3D effects were really good and I don’t know enough about the technology to know if it was the huge IMAX screen or the 3D filming, but it was all very smooth and I didn’t get any motion feeling that I sometimes can if the 3D is a bit jerky. I had a really enjoyable time.

For the kids, I would definitely go to 4d again and for the right film then I would probably choice the 3D IMAX, it’s just really good having this right across the road.


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