Smelling the roses

May and June is definitely festival time in Korea, there are festivals for nearly everything and something on most weekends. Last weekend was the huge Sand Festival in Haeundae beach but we wussed out of going there – it just sounded too busy. On a much quieter note Ulsan has just had it’s rose festival, held annually in the Grand Park. Flik Magazine have asked my to write an article (600 words – my first commission) so I dragged a group of friends down to have a look around.

The weather has turned here, from clear piercingly bright blue skies to low-level cloud cover that can’t make up with’s mind if it is going to rain or not. The temperature hasn’t dropped much so the humidity has started to increase. So not the best weather for walking around a garden but it could have been a lot worse.

Most of the festival action takes place in the evening, when the arches were all lit up and there were light shows and performances. However, it was still very nice to look round in the morning, and a lot less crowded so you can have a sense of calm as well.


Everyone at the festival seemed very happy, and we were greeted with lots of smiles and nods. A very kind gentleman took a group photo of us, and we returned the favour with another group later on – it was very much that sort of event.




There were large teams of women tending the roses, I like this photo as it look like they are colour coordinated with the flowers.

There were also a few groups of young school kids exploring around and posing for photos.

IMG_1078 IMG_1077There were plenty of places to pose for fun photos – which is very common here and we couldn’t resist doing a few ourselves.

IMG_1080 IMG_1089I guess I should probably included some photos of the actual roses.





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