Our day trip to Kyoto

Last Friday we decided to head out of Osaka and take the train to Kyoto, there are three options: the local train, stopping nearly every stop which takes 50 minutes, the rapid which only stops a couple of times only takes 30 minutes and the bullet train which cuts the journey time down to 15 minutes, but costs nearly three times as much. We intended to take the rapid but ended up on the local train, our only transport mistake in the week – not bad given we couldn’t read most of the signs/information.

Kyoto is a top tourist destination for a reason, there are so many castles, temples, pavilions and other important building squeezed into a modern bustling city.  As we only had one day we decided to follow a trip advisor tour (here) using the city buses and buying a bus pass. One of the main pieces of advise on the tour guide is to get a bus map! Unfortunately we found the bus before we found where to get a map so set off without one. It made the day a bit more worrying as there was a couple of times when we weren’t sure we were heading in the right direction – however, we always got on the right bus going the right way.

The guide had a final temple, Kiyomizu, but by then we were all templed out and the heat was just getting too much. (I checked when we got back to the hotel and it was 39c, and felt like it!) So back to the train station and this time we did manage to get onto the rapid train and back to the hotel. It was an absolutely fantastic day.


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