Getting very grown up

Katrine’s birthday is when we are back in the UK, but she really wanted to have a party with all her friends here in Ulsan. Unfortunately her birthday falls in the holidays, so she can’t have a large party. Instead we made a virtue of the fact it was a small group to do something that just wouldn’t be possible with lots of girls.

So she choose to go a nail bar and then on for pizza – a big step up from jelly and ice-cream, which we did last year!

Whilst they were waiting for the other girls to do their nails Katrine opened her presents – she has wanted a domino set for ages, her face says it all really! I think Gregor liked one of the presents.  I went into the smoothie bar across the corridor in the mall whilst they had pizza as they wanted to have the meal by themselves. Katrine made the cake herself, but we ran out of icing – we only had enough for the middle and the top, not for the sides.

The finished fingers and toes. They got to pick a bit of bling and they all got 2 small (had to be small as their nails are so tiny still) stars.



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