Last trip to the Grand Park

We took a break today to head to the Grand Park for one last time and to try out the new water park that has opened there. We got there about 10.40 so had a twenty minute wait until the water play area opened, a very hot wait!

Waiting very patiently.

Waiting very patiently.

The kids were very glad when the water was switched on, there was a mini stampede to start playing.There is a great selection of different ways to get wet – the bucket filling up and then spilling everywhere is always a favourite. Gregor likes the curly slide better but Katrine thought the straight one was more fun.

It is a fantastic water play area, especially considering that it is free (there is a charge for the car-park but that was less the 2000 won). The water play is currently open all week from 11-4, with breaks from twenty to till the hour. It is closest to the swimming pool entrance of the park, in Ok-Dong, and once you enter the park you keep right as if you are walking to the bouncy marshmallows. It is only a few minutes up the hill.

Really nice way to get away from sorting and packing, with happy smiling kids.


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