Do cats get jet leg?

We have Electra back! She left Korea on Tuesday 30th July, and flew from Seoul to Frankfurt. Spent the night at their animal holding facility and got the first flight to Heathrow, where we picked her up. It was pretty confusing collecting her, I’m guessing when the building was built most animals entering the UK would have to go into quarantine and only be collected by  official agents. Now you can’t get pet passports a lot more individuals are collecting their pets and the building isn’t really designed to cope with it.

You have to wait in a conservatory porch area, as the main building is a bonded-customs area, and push the buzzer to announce your arrival. However, this doesn’t seem to work and it is best to just grab someone who is coming out to deal with someone else. Once I had given my name and Electra’s flight number I asked if there was anything else I needed to do. Nope, just wait. And wait and wait. After about an hours asked again and was told that I would have to wait a couple of hours after the flight, when I pointed out she had flown in the morning (it was now about 1:30) she apologies and went off to check on progress. Turns out Electra had been good to go since 10 and the agent just needed to get paid to complete the paperwork. Once he was told we were there we were processed in about 10 minutes and had our cat back. At least I will know what to do next time!

We are all delighted to have Electra here, she came out of her box purring and hasn’t really stopped since. She spent the first day exploring the house, and has discovered that the beam across our bedroom is the perfect position to launch a wake-up-call from.



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  1. Sandra
    Aug 05, 2013 @ 22:31:51

    Glad to hear Electra made it to the UK safe and sound, and happy to see you. Nukaat wasn’t too happy to leave his little pond in Canada for life on a boat in the tropics. But after nine-months, and a two week stint being boarded last month, he finally seems to have forgiven us for turning him into an expatcat.


    • Esther Haydock
      Aug 08, 2013 @ 22:11:26

      I’m glad he is now settling into his life at sea. Electra seems very happy but does want even more cuddles than before, not complaining about that, but I draw the line at carrying her about.


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