Where have all the teaspoons gone?

We have the first batch of our stuff from Korea, the air shipment, which as Gregor pointed out is a misnomer (no he didn’t actually use that word) as it is going by air it isn’t a shipment. It is very exciting to have things again. We travelled with 

  • one large suitcase, filled with housey stuff (important paperwork, towels, Katrine’s birthday presents, key toys and books), 
  • two medium suitcases, one for the adults and one for the kids 
  • and one small suitcase which we used for clothes for the first 5 days so we didn’t, in theory, need to open the tightly packed big cases. 
We could have brought move stuff on the plane but we wouldn’t have fitted it into the boot of the hire-car afterwards.
Things I am most happy about: the cheese grater (I made a cheeses sauce at the weekend, cheese graters really make life easier), sharp knives (we brought the cheapest set from IKEA to keep us going – they are cheap for a reason) and just having more clothes. The computer is mistakenly coming by sea, which will take another month or so to get here, so I am going to have to get used to blogging on the iPad. And I swear in the three weeks since I packed Gregor must have shot up as half his clothes are now too small.
The only mystery is where are all the teaspoons? Knives, forks, regular spoons and chopsticks have all made it but only 3 teaspoons?

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