First time outside

After we collected the cat I checked online how long you should keep a cat inside to settling into their new home, before letting them venture outside. The advise varied from 1 week to 1 month, so we thought 1-2 weeks would probably work well for us, she is a very affectionate cat and usually in the same room as I am in so we weren’t worried about her wandering off.

However, Electra had very different ideas and wanted out as soon as possible. Every time we opened the door she was trying to squeeze past and she would sit on the windowsill and meowing longingly when the kids were playing outside. After 3 days it was becoming too tricky to keep her in and we didn’t want her making a dash to get out so we decided to leave the back door open and let her explore her new garden.

Well, really her first garden as she has been a house cat up to now, she has never been outside, except in a carry case being taken to the vets!


She was a bit wary when she was first allowed out, especially with grass – which was treated with great suspicion. But she soon started to enjoy herself.

She has even discovered the joys of tree climbing and so far has only had to be rescued with the stepladder once.


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