Starting another new school.

Yesterday was the end of a very long ten week summer holiday and Katrine and Gregor have started at their new school. It really doesn’t feel like a year ago that I was writing about the first day at Busan International Foreign School. But here we are again, first day of the summer term and another new school to get to know, friends to make and habits to form.

We have moved from a non-uniform, pretty relaxed school doing the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program, to a much more traditional English school complete with blazers and ties. And a very comprehensive sports kit needed! It took a fair while to iron on all the name labels.

After the last two weeks feeling that they would never end and we would be stuck, Groundhog Day style, in perpetual summer. Finally, the first day of term was here. Gregor was chuffed with his new uniform, though can’t understand why he has to tuck his shirt in. Katrine was less comfortable in her school dress, she just isn’t a dress kind of girl, but was happier once she got the blazer on.


It was a very nervous girl that we handed over to the teacher but she was buddied up with another girl straight away and whisked off to the cloakroom. Gregor, on the other hand, had made a friend before he even entered the building and went in chatting away. I left him sat at his table of 4, all comparing the contents of the pencil cases.

I am pleased to say that I got two grinning children home in the afternoon, both full of how their day went. Katrine loved history and is excited to be starting French, though she is a bit behind as everyone else has been studying it for a few years, but I’m sure she will catch up. Gregor also had a good day, he had apple crumble and cream at lunch and a cookie at break time!


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