All the fun of the fair

This weekend a small fun fair turned up on the village green at Hartly Wintney, we have to drive past on our way to and from school so Katrine and Gregor saw it all being assembled and were very keen to go.





Very serious faces with Richard explaining the controls of the dodgems!






Gregor went on with Aunty Lynsay and soon figured out he aim is certainly not to dodge!






After this Katrine and Gregor dragged Lynsay and Richard on to the waltzers. As it was Sunday afternoon the fair was very quiet and mostly families with small children so they had the ride to themselves. Which meant the attendant kept giving their chair extra spins and it lasted longer than normal. Which would explain the slightly green faces when they finished!

photo photo

Well only the adults, Katrine and Gregor were keen to keep going. So this time they dragged me on to an evil spinning ride. There were a few more on the ride this time, but not many, so the woman at the controls kept asking them if they wanted to go faster! I did at one point wonder if she had forgotten where to off switch was! No photos of this ride, I had given Richard his phone back but he was feeling too queasy to use it, but honestly I did go on a ride!




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