Apple jelly

We have a beautiful old apple tree, which as well as providing Gregor climbing opportunities is also giving us a lot of apples. These are great cooking apples and too sharp to eat so I have been busy making apple and rhubarb pie (my gran in Wales used to make this regularly when I was little), apple crumble and apple cobbler. But there is only so many apples you can use up like this so I decided to make apple jelly – this is a jelly as in a strained jam, not a wibbly wobble jelly (jello).

First start with the apples, my straining set can cope with up to 2kg of apples so that is what I used.IMG_1556

The brilliant thing about making jelly is that you don’t need to peel or core the apples, just roughly chop and remove any bruised bits. Then tip into a large pan (my jam pan is actually my mum’s old deep fat fryer but it has a heavy flat bottom which is what I need) add enough water to cover and then simmer the fruit to a pulp.

Then you have to strain the liquid out, here I got to use my new strainer set – back to childhood memories of my mum  straining bramble and crap apple jelly using a upturned stool.


You then just leave it to drip for a while, the recipes I found said anything from half an hour to overnight, so I left it a couple of hours and figured that would do. They all agree on one thing – do not squeeze the bag or the jelly will go cloudy!

Now time for the sugar. For every litre of liquid you need 700g of sugar.  

IMG_1561Back to the pan, with the juice of 1 lemon, and heat gently to dissolve the sugar and then vigorously to get it up to temperature. It needs to get to 105 degrees to set, I got it up to 102 really quickly but the last 3 degrees were illusive. Eventually I had to put the lid on to push the temperature up.

All that was left it to jar it up (using sterilised jars of course).


The white cloudy bits are the skin that was forming as it cooled down, I tried to skim it off, but didn’t managed to get all of it. I had some on toast for breakfast today and I’m very pleased to say that it has set and tastes great.

So now only 1 question remains, what am I going to do with the rest of the apples on the tree?



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