Mummy I want to be a bat!

End of October and so Halloween costume time again. I thought this year would be easier (last year they were a vampire and a zombie) as there are lots of costumes in the shops, but oh no.  2 days before the school disco they told me that they could dress up and they both wanted to be bats!



So a quick trip to the local haberdashery was needed. I had hoped to make the bat wings from felt as the stiffness would help but the shop only had Christmas colours in.

I marked the wings up with the kids fantastic bright green liquid chalk. And then cut the patterns out.

IMG_1569The wings are only needed for 1 night, so I haven’t hemmed them. I just sewed a couple of poppers on the ends so they can attached to a wrist. Then pinned the wings onto a back-to-front black t-shirt.

IMG_1572Not bad for a quickly cobbled together outfit. The disco was last night, straight after school and they had a lot of fun so definitely worth it.





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