First half of Isle of Man holiday.


For the first week of the school’s October break we decided to have a family holiday. The last couple of months have been pretty hectic so we thought we would get a cottage and just chill out for a week, well as much as you can with 2 primary aged children who want to be on the go!

We picked the Isle of Man as one of Richard’s best friend from school is here and we enjoyed a previous holiday. We are staying in the south part of the island, not far from Castletown in a converted farm building at Grenaby Estates. Very nice cottage, you have to go upstairs to enter the living/dining/kitchen room then the 2 bedrooms are downstairs again.

We had a quiet couple of days meeting up with friends and then going shopping in Douglas, the main town, we have struggled to find time to do this as the weekend are too busy!

Yesterday started rainy but the forecast said it would clear up around lunchtime so we headed over to Peel. We went first to the House of Manannan, which is a really fun museum showing how life on the island has changed from Celts to Vikings to more recent times. (As as plus we could use our National Trust for Scotland cards to get in.)

Then after a very nice pub lunch we explored the castle.

As promised in the forecast the sun put in an appearance and the kids pleaded to be allowed to play on the beach. They are hardy souls, I did not think it was warm enough for short sleeves.



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