Second half of Isle of Man holiday


Not many photos as I forgot to take my camera with me the last couple of days. But we have had a wonderful, if a bit wet and windy, time.

We got the electric tram from Douglas to Laxey and then the tram up Snaefell mountain. Very windy at the top!

One day they were playing on the beach in t-shirts and the next we needed hat, gloves and scarves!

imageThen we had a bit of time to kill before the tram back to Douglas we went up the Laxey Wheel (the world’s largest water wheel) and down the mine.

image image image

The next day we spent in Castletown, looking round the castle and then crabbing off the pier – well Richard and small people went crabbing I read my book, I’m not keen on fishing even without the howling wind! No crabs were caught.

Today we just pottered around having lunch at the Sound Cafe looking out at the Calf of Man. There was a photographer there taking pictures for the paper so Katrine got to continue her tradition of getting into the paper whilst on holiday.

We then went for another blustery walk before heading into Port St Mary, where we had heard there was better crabbing. 2 hours later still no crabs but they had managed to catch 1 fish that was gobbled up by a seagull! Torrential rain drove them from the pier very wet but happy.

And so our holiday has come to an end. Really enjoyed this week but not looking forward to the ferry tomorrow (felt very seasick on the way over!).


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