Remembrance Sunday Hartley Wintney

The Sunday just past was Remembrance Sunday and Katrine was the Standard bearer for her Brownies unit (2nd Hartley Wintney Brownies). She was very proud to have been chosen and we had to go to a,  very long, rehearsal on the Friday – which meant she missed the school fireworks. She got to carry the flag to the church, place it in the correct place for the service, collect it again, then dip the flag and move it to one side for the national anthem.

Then we all went outside to the war memorial, where we had brilliant sunshine but a bit cold. It was alright for me as I could wear gloves and a hat, but the Brownies had to be in uniform, so they got a bit cold. Just before the silence there was a fly-by by a Chinook helicopter from RAF Odiahm. Then for the silence the flags had to be lowered and for the only time the flag has to rest on the ground.

Then home for warming hot chocolate.


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