Not going to Baku!

Well it has certainly been an interesting month and I know I haven’t been as diligent at keeping the blog updated as usual. That is mainly as we have been working though some issues around us going to Baku and I didn’t want to post until we were certain what was happening.

Due to some medical complications (don’t worry we are all fine and very healthy – we passed our medicals with flying colours) that it is not right for us as family to go to Azerbaijan. Anyone who has been expat will know that moving is very much like building a house of cards, made up of contracts, visas, school, accommodation, insurance … and if even one card gets out of place then the whole thing comes falling down.

So, for now at least, we are staying put in England, and although initially we were all disappointed about not going (I had built it up as an exciting adventure for the kids) we are now all coming round to the idea and there are a lot of advantages to living here; we are a lot closer to family and Katrine and Gregor have settled in really well into their new school. It only it was a bit warmer!


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